Behind the SEOs

Behind the SEOs Episode #1: Heather Physioc

Episode Summary

For our first episode ever we sat down with SEO legend Heather Physioc! Heather is an avid hiker and has hiked trails the world over! Plus, she's just super-cool so any conversation with her is a treat!

Episode Notes

In the SEO world, Heather Physioc of VMLY&R is a known commodity. She a top-notch SEO, a famed industry speaker, and has published her fair share of SEO materials. 

But who is Heather, really? 

We set off to find out who Heather really is, what she loves, and how she spends her time away from SEO... and we had a serious amount of fun along the way.

Learn all about Heather's love for hiking, how she handled a few close calls on the trail... and more. 


From what computer she uses to her favorite thing to do as a kid... here's a behind the SEOs look at Heather Physioc!